22 Collaboration Products at InfoComm 2017 You Shouldn’t Miss

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22 Collaboration Products at InfoComm 2017 You Shouldn’t Miss, slide 21

Logitech MeetUp

You might not think of a conference camera as a pivotal component in conferencing. You need a camera, obviously, but does it matter? Logitech says it does and taps into an evolving need – that traditional conferencing cameras don’t take into consideration that most of today’s meetings aren’t traditional. They’re likely in smaller, huddle-sized rooms with fewer people. As such the cameras often fail to capture the right shot.

That’s why Logitech Meetup Conference camera, unveiled at InfoComm 2017, is specifically designed for huddle rooms. “The trend toward huddle rooms is driven by the shift toward open work spaces, which is wonderful except when you need to sit and talk to colleagues or you need to do a video call,” says Joan Vandermate, Logitech Video Collaboration’s head of marketing.

Logitech Meetup, with its 120-degree field of view, “is made specifically for those huddle rooms,” Vandermate tells CI, because it makes every seat at the table clearly visible during a meeting.

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