22 Collaboration Products at InfoComm 2017 You Shouldn’t Miss

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22 Collaboration Products at InfoComm 2017 You Shouldn’t Miss, slide 14

Prysm QuickStart

Prysm has built off of its Quick Start feature, which it announced at Integrated Systems Europe 2017, by integrating it with video conferencing. Prysm Quick Start aims to achieve the Holy Grail of video meetings – to allow people to walk into a conference room and immediately launch a meeting without fumbling, false starts and confusion.

The feature enables employees to access Prysm Visual Workplace without logging in. Using Quick Start, participants can pair devices, via a wired connection or wireless sharing, engaging with content or sketching and capturing ideas using Prysm’s digital whiteboard capabilities.

The Prysm Application Suite is “designed for the corporate user who needs to get access to the screen immediately and may not have a login,” Paige O’Neill, CMO, said prior to ISE 2017. “You’ll get three different options on the screen. One is to connect a device. One is to open up a whiteboard. Another is to log in. They can start getting benefits immediately.”

At InfoComm 2017 Prysm is tying Quick Start to conferencing. “There are a lot of great telepresence rooms that are rather under used because it doesn’t have a content component to it,” says David Schweer, director of product marketing.

Prysm Quick Start will integrate with existing video conference codecs from Cisco, Polycom, and Logitech among others.

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