Who Got Hacked This Week? April 28 Edition

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Who Got Hacked This Week? April 28 Edition, slide 5

Android Malware Infects 2 Million Google Play Store Users

Over 2 million Android Users have fallen victim to malware hidden in over 40 fake companion guide apps for popular mobile games such as Pokemon Go and FIFA Mobile. The apps were found on the official Google Play Store.

The FalseGuide malware creates a botnet out of infected devices, delivering fraudulent mobile adware and generating ad revenue for cybercriminals.

FalseGuide requests administrative permissions when downloaded, the registers itself with Firebas Cloud Messaging, which allows the attacker to send messages containing links to additional malware and install them to the infected device. They then display illegitimate pop-up ads to generate revenue.

Google has removed the malware hidden apps, but those that downloaded them previously could still be infected.

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