What Microsoft Introduced During Ignite

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Microsoft Loop

Microsoft Loop is a new app that the company says combines a “powerful and flexible canvas with portable components that move freely and stay in sync across Microsoft 365 apps—enabling teams to thin, plan and create together.”

According to Microsoft, Loop consists of three core elements, including Loop components, which was previously Fluid components, Microsoft’s open-source platform for real-time collaboration across apps first introduced in 2019.

Microsoft calls Loop components “atomic units of productivity” that enable users to work and collaborate in the flow of work, including on a Loop page, in a chat, email document or online meeting. Loop components stay in sync across Microsoft 365 apps, so users are working with the latest information.

Loop pages, another core element of the app, are flexible canvases where users can organize components and pull in other elements including links, files or data that suit specific project needs.

Microsoft calls Loop workspaces, another core element, shared spaces where users can see and group everything important to their project. This is designed to make it easier for users to catch upon what everyone is working on and track progress.

Microsoft says other Loop components are being added, including voting table and status tracker that makes it easier to decide as a team, help drive decision making and get an up-to-date view of project progress across the team.

Other components like agenda, notes and task lists will be available soon as part of a new meeting notes experience in Outlook, Teams and OneNote, the company says.

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