Announcing Commercial Integrator’s 2023 BEST Award Winners

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Announcing Commercial Integrator’s 2023 BEST Award Winners, slide 9

BEST Large-Venue Projectors

Digital Projection
HIGHlite Satellite MLS Reference

The HIGHlite 4K UHD Reference Satellite Modular Laser System (MLS) from Digital Projection is a bona-fide game changer for the commercial AV marketplace. By separating the projector head from the pure laser light source, the HIGHlite Satellite MLS offers true installation flexibility from a projector chassis that’s significantly smaller and lighter than other premium 3-chip DLP projectors on the market. The HIGHlite S-MLS weighs just 42 pounds, compared to the 120 pounds of most other projectors and is 83% smaller than its original integrated design, making it easier to fit into tight spaces. Additionally, its modular design enables the illumination source to be located apart from the projector, which prevents noise from interfering with the viewing experience, enables greater customization, and simplifies upgrades and maintenance. The projector head and light source are connected by robust and flexible fiber optic cables included with the system. The HIGHlite S-MLS’s modular, compact and lightweight design compromises none of its visual performance, as the system produces REC2020 colorimetry and powerfully bright illumination up to 20,000 lumens (for the WUXGA version).

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