Announcing Commercial Integrator’s 2023 BEST Award Winners

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Announcing Commercial Integrator’s 2023 BEST Award Winners, slide 17

BEST Video Distribution Systems

Dante AV-H

Dante AV-H is an embedded software solution designed to allow original equipment manufacturers (OEMs) to incorporate Dante control into existing H.264-based IP video product designs. Dante AV-H brings greater interoperability to AV-over-IP products, providing easy-to-use discovery, connectivity, and manageability while using the familiar, reliable H.264/265 codecs already supported in common hardware.  Using Dante AV-H, all video and audio routing and configuration is done in the familiar and easy-to-use Dante Controller software — a single application that manages both audio and video for greater visibility and ease. The software solution also leverages Dante Domain Manager for robust network management, user access control, and remote troubleshooting for H.26x endpoints. Dante AV-H is less complicated and more flexible to install than point-to-point products, and with its low bandwidth requirement, is the perfect AV solution for the demands of modern networks.

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