Announcing Commercial Integrator’s 2023 BEST Award Winners

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Announcing Commercial Integrator’s 2023 BEST Award Winners, slide 0

BEST Assistive-Listening Devices

Listen Technologies

ListenWIFI is the next generation of Listen Technologies’ audio-over-Wi-Fi solution. With ListenWIFI, users download a free app and stream audio to their smartphones. They can listen to the audio through headphones connected to their smart device or via Bluetooth-enabled hearing aids or speakers. For users who prefer not to use a smartphone, the new system features LWR-1050 dedicated receivers that meet all ADA and international compliance requirements, making ListenWIFI a truly global assistive listening system. With new ListenWIFI Beacons, users can access audio seamlessly based on location. ListenWIFI Beacons trigger to automatically stream venue audio from a user’s preferred channel to their smart device or LWR-1050 receiver when they enter a space where that audio is available. The ListenWIFI system features a new server with emergency override capability so venues can broadcast across all channels to provide public announcements and emergency notifications. The ListenWIFI app supports high-resolution audio and enhanced visuals on mobile devices. Venues can customize the app to reflect branding, convey messages, and more. The app also includes an embedded QR scanner for immediate connectivity and/or channel selection.

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