2024 Top New Technology (TNT) Awards

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2024 Top New Technology (TNT) Awards, slide 16

2024 TNT Awards at ISE > Commercial Division Winner > Collaboration > Barco

ClickShare Bar Pro

The ClickShare Bar Pro is an innovative video collaboration bar that enables wireless conferencing. The carbon-neutral All-in-One solution brings sharp views and crystal-clear audio for high-quality meeting experiences. ClickShare continues to offer its well-known simplicity and ease-of-use experiences through its wireless ClickShare portfolio in hybrid meeting rooms. The newly added video bar will only amplify working seamlessly with any laptop and on any videoconferencing platform. With the bar, initiating a wireless video call is simple. It just takes a single click on the ClickShare Button or in the ClickShare App. The video bar incorporates advanced stereo audio and video capabilities powered by AI.

For IT managers, it brings easy installation, reduced total cost of ownership and unparalleled flexibility. With just one device needed to equip an entire meeting room along side a display, the deployment is significantly simplified, and installation cost is reduced.

Photo courtesy of Barco.

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