TechDecisions Customizable
Marketing Opportunities

We know that each marketer has unique pain points, so we customize our solutions to meet your exact needs.

Active Buyer Program

  • Sponsorship of this program gets you engaged, active leads of TechDecision makers with expressed interest in purchasing your technology
  • “Urgency” is indicated as the reader navigates our guides on proposal creation, purchasing decisions, hiring and working with installers and implementation
  • Nurtured leads can be refined topically by reader selections including: Digital Signage, Video Walls, Communication, Videoconference, Interactive Whiteboards, Audio, Collaboration , Projectors, Building Control & Automation, Energy Management, IT Hardware, Cybersecurity, Networking, Cloud Email Services, Storage & Backup, VoIP, Access Control, Campus Safety Technology, Video Surveillance
  • Cost: $75 CPL
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TechDecisions Banner Ads - Active Buyer Program

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  • Benefit from the expertise of our designers and production teams
  • Your content is formatted using a template or a design developed for you
  • Created to fit into the look and feel of our print publication or website
  • Cost is variable
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Banner Ads: Billboard / Jumbostitial

  • Billboard:
    • Top of page jumbo leaderboard
    • 978 x 250
    • Cost: $95 CPM
  • Jumbostitial:
    • Supersized pop-up ad served at a rate of one per user per day
    • 640 x 480
    • Cost: $100 CPM
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TechDecisions Banner Ads - Billboard / Jumbostitial

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Banner Ads: Bottom Takeover

  • Large rectangle banner appears across the bottom of every page
  • Can be minimized by user, but not closed
  • Follows the user throughout their site visit
  • Makes an impact on every page
  • Cost: $5,250/ 2 weeks
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TechDecisions Banner Ads - Bottom Takeover

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Banner Ads: Standard

  • Simple, reliable way to drive traffic directly to your site with one click
  • Ad sizes include:
    • Rectangle (300 x 250) - Cost: $85 CPM
    • Leaderboard (728 x 90) - Cost: $85 CPM
    • Half Page (600 x 300) - Cost: $95 CPM
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TechDecisions Banner Ads - Standard

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Content Creation:

  • Our editors collaborate with you, using their insight on your buyers and their purchasing behavior, to create engaging content for you
  • Cost: 2 pages: $2,500, 4 pages: $4,500, 8 pages: $7,500
  • Add on lead gen, social media, print/online posting for an additional cost
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TechDecisions - Content Creation

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Custom Landing Page:

  • An effective landing page is pivotal in the success of your S.T.E.P. campaign
  • Let our experienced designers create yours
  • Cost: $2,000
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TechDecisions - Custom Landing Page

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INCITE - Nurturing:

Three-month lead nurturing program to bring prospects to the point of action. Program includes creation of a product category download and custom article as well as a 4-step nurturing process:

  • Email #1 – deliver the product category download
  • Email #2 – discuss advertiser’s related product with link to custom article on our site
  • Email #3 – dive into more detail on advertiser’s product with links to your site and product brochure
  • Email #4 – invite respondents to schedule a call to learn more with custom landing page and scheduler
  • Cost: $11,500
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Native Advertising:

  • Features your content on our site and in our newsletter
  • A teaser (the native ad) is included in a newsletter driving readers to your content which has been integrated into the editorial design of the site
  • Cost: $1,200
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TechDecisions - Native Advertising

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Newsletters - Weekly

  • Choose from:
    • Weekly Newsletter (over 13,000 Subscribers)
    • Project of the Week (over 25,000 Subscribers)
  • Features 2 rectangle ad positions
  • Cost: $1,200 per ad
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TechDecisions Newsletter - Editorial

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Newsletter - Featured eBlast

  • Branded, dedicated email
  • Feature your product, service, event, case study or video
  • Gives you 100% share of voice
  • Reaches over 20,000
  • Cost: $2,500
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TechDecisions Newsletter - Featured eBlast

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Research - Custom Surveys

Surveys are a great way to learn about your market’s priorities and needs. With a custom survey, you can address a topic of your choice.

We offer Silver, Gold and Platinum packages depending on the number of questions you would like to include, the number of desired responses, and how you would like to promote the survey results.

Cost varies: $13,000 - $35,000

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Research - Deep Dives

  • Sponsorship of this in-depth research and analysis on a featured technology is an all-in-one program including:
    • Full analysis and research on all aspects of a featured technology
    • Your question added to our audience survey
    • Exclusive access to the resulting research report
    • Editorial contribution to a “crowd sourced” article
    • Comprehensive coverage of results in print, online and video
    • Cost: $4,500
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S.T.E.P. (Social Targeting Extension Program):

  • Reach our engaged audience which on Facebook alone is 100,000
  • Can be expanded to look-a-like audiences of over 840,000 contacts
  • Customizable campaigns including design, implementation, monitoring, and optimization with the support and guidance of our certified social media strategists
  • Pair it with a Sweepstakes program or Custom landing Page for enhanced results (additional costs apply)
  • CPM $55
  • FREE Download - Harness the Power of Social Media
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TechDecisions - S.T.E.P. (Social Targeting Extension Program)

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  • Enhance your S.T.E.P. program with a sweepstakes
  • Targets our S.T.E.P. audience, eliminating unqualified sweeper entries
  • You supply the prize; we handle the legalities, prizing and deliver the data
  • Cost: $2,500
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TechDecisions - Sweepstakes

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Targeted List Rentals:

  • Get your customized message to our qualified audience; email or postal
  • Promote your products, services, events or case studies
  • Rent the whole list or narrow it down demographically, geographically, by buying influences, job function, or industry.
  • Cost: Email: $400 CPM; Postal: $140 CPM
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TechDecisions - Targeted List Rentals

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Technology Spotlight:

  • Connects your company, press releases, products, etc. with dedicated content in a technology category
  • Runs on every page of the site above the fold
  • Co-sponsorship: $2,500
  • Sole Sponsorship: $7,500
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TechDecisions - Technology Spotlight

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Thought Leader Package:

We’ll work with you to create content once through a video Q&A and turn it into a whole wealth of marketing initiatives, including:

  • Native ad
  • Featured eBlast
  • STEP ads
  • Plus an optional print article
  • Prices range from $4,500 to $12,500
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Tradeshow Packages:

  • Coverage extends for 45 days before, during and after the show
  • Across multiple platforms: online, video and social
  • Enterprise Connect
  • Cost varies: $3,000 - $7,500
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  • Executive Q & A, site visits, product promotion, booth tours and testimonials
  • Our professional video team can create and customize
  • Costs vary
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TechDecisions - Videos

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Webinars offer a unique opportunity for your company executives to communicate directly with customers and prospects.

Whether you would like to create a custom webinar on a topic of your choice or participate in one of our already scheduled webinar series – our team can help you achieve your marketing goals.

  • Sole sponsored - $7,500
  • Co-Sponsored - $3,500
  • Partner Series - $3,500
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  • Sponsor existing content or submit your own
  • Promoted to our audience
  • Data points collected include: name, email, phone number, company, and job function
  • Additional data points can be collected at a higher CPL
  • CPL Basis @ $75 per lead
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