Contemplating Commercial Technology in the Year 2049

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Contemplating Commercial Technology in the Year 2049, slide 5

Millions of Connections


By now we’ve figured out a way to have what amounts to universal Wi-Fi everywhere around the world. As a result, every device that is created is connected to the Internet in one way or another, stuffed with sensors, and automated as much as possible. Your couch, for example, will recognize who is sitting down by their weight and dimensions, and adjust cushion’s and support accordingly.

In the sense of the office, each desk has a workstation attached. When you sit, the station recognizes who you are, adjusts lighting and temperature levels of the space, and pulls up any information you might need – your email inbox, the last project you were working on, your calendar, and so on.

As soon as you leave the workstation shuts down to make way for the next employee. You can take that same information to your autonomous desk, and then to your home office, as you please.

Meeting rooms are just as responsive – as soon as you plan a meeting, or even if you walk in the room, it pulls up the most likely content for you to be working on, adjusts lighting and temperature, and so on.

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