Contemplating Commercial Technology in the Year 2049

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Contemplating Commercial Technology in the Year 2049, slide 3

The Bot-ufacturing Floor


Manufacturing has been completely automated. Materials are made and assembled at a pace once thought impossible. Robotic devices act in the place of what once were assembly line workers, carrying materials, managing machinery, and packaging the final products. Human employees that once would have carried these duties out now sit at control panels, examining the code of groups of bots to identify any inconsistencies that might cause a delay in the manufacturing process.

As for the creation of product itself – totally automated as well. Take, for example, a manufacturing floor creating medicine. The system reads the chemical levels of each batch in real time, adjusting as necessary. Each batch is tested for quality upon completion, and all information about the batch’s creation is stored and analyzed for posterity. This information is used to create an algorithm that constantly improves the medicine to the point of as near perfection as possible – with each batch, the overall recipe is further perfected. The same can be said for anything created – from steel barrels to quantum computer chips to a baby’s pacifier.

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