Contemplating Commercial Technology in the Year 2049

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Contemplating Commercial Technology in the Year 2049, slide 1

The Augmented Reality Meeting


For those that do still use a physical building for work, meeting spaces are transformed into something three-dimensional. While many collaboration solutions allowed for dynamic presentations in 2019, in 2049 we utilize augmented reality glasses in order to bring the content into the air around us.

For example, the leader could bring up a spreadsheet that hangs in the air like a curtain before them. The meeting participants see the spreadsheet in the same orientation from their perspective, so whatever direction they face, the spreadsheet faces back at them. When someone makes a mark on the spreadsheet, it is automatically reflected in all connected sheets.

You can perform the same actions with any piece of content. Building schematics for example, sit in three dimensions before you. You zoom in or out, highlight specific areas, manipulate the content, and make notes as you please. Same goes for any design material, documents, web browsers, and so on. The digital canvas of 2049 is as large as the room you’re meeting in.

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