Contemplating Commercial Technology in the Year 2049

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The Virtual Reality Workplace


Virtual Reality will be so immersive that you’ll scarcely remember that you’re in a digital world. Entire companies will possess no physical property, but instead will code their headquarters into a digital landscape. Remote workers will plug in to start the day, work in the space, interact with digital avatars of coworkers, and work through the day very much the same as we do now – only it will all happen in a shared digital space.

Instead of booking a conference room or huddle space, you simply create one using simple applications. You can add any technology you need – videoconferencing, white boarding, acoustics, whatever – and the open room appears. You can save the room for as long as needed, and upon completion of the meeting or project, the room is erased from the building as simple as you drop a file into the trash on your computer today.

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