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May 29, 2020

Hello Tech Decision Makers,

Would you like to write for TechDecisions?

Since we launched TD, we sought to be a voice for the folks who are in the trenches, choosing technology solutions for their organizations and taking responsibility for the return on investment. I take pride in representing the voice of the tech decision maker on our site. However, any good journalist will tell you that while we can cover and understand an industry, our real information comes from the sources.

Which is why we like to empower our audience to get in front of their peers on our site. We’re looking for tech decision makers that want to take a step into thought leadership to share their thoughts with our audience. We want you to write articles about what you think, what you predict, what upsets you, what triumphs you’ve had – anything that can help others like you do their jobs better.

Check out our feature article to learn how to contribute to TD. Good luck on your installations and implementations.

Jonathan Blackwood

Managing Editor, TechDecisions


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