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April 21, 2019

Hello Tech Decision Makers,

Have you been thinking about future tech? Artificial intelligence, voice control, machine learning, data mining, and more are already making their way into organizations.

Our feature article this week discuss virtual reality in the workplace. Already pervasive in the consumer market, how will virtual reality work in commercial environments? Read our feature to find out.

Good luck on your installations and implementations.

Jonathan Blackwood

Managing Editor, TechDecisions

Top Feature

The Tangible Benefits of Commercial Virtual Reality

When it comes to utilizing virtual reality technology in commercial environments, the benefits are so broad that they are beyond tangible.


Making a Case for Mobile Learning in K-12 Schools

Proper preparation, planning and execution can help mobile learning programs succeed in improving learning.


Can Artificial Intelligence Read Human Dreams? Eventually

Based on work conducted by the University of California, artificial intelligence will one day be able to detect and recreate human dreams.


How Correct Safety Procedure Delivery is Saving Companies Money

No matter what your workplace consists of, or where it is located, you’re going to need some sort of safety procedure plan.


Why Document Management Software is an Anti-Aging Technology

Document management software doesn’t just solve the problem of documentation, but hits on a number of pain points that can reduce stress in the workplace.

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